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Yes, as this is satellite TV, the customer needs to have an appropriate satellite dish positioned at the right frequencies.

It is the customer’s responsibility to have everything set up and ready for the connection of the TV Plus receiver and services.

It is the customer’s responsibility to have everything set up and ready for the connection of the TV Plus receiver and services

The service works best with an 11300 LNB. However, it works with 10700 and universal LNBs as well.

Application forms can be found under the ‘Contact’ tab on the TV Plus website. Alternatively, you can call and request a form to be mailed out to you.

Please refer to the TV Plus website or to the application forms.

Yes, there is an extra charge of $50 for postage to NZ.

Account can be placed on hold for a maximum period of three months within a 12 months period.

Yes, your contract will be extended for the number of months your account was on HOLD for.

Yes, there is a one off fee of $25 for the reconnection.

When signing an application form you are singing into a 12 months contract and are liable to stay with the company for that minimum term.

The service continues as normal. If you wish to cancel the service, you need to give us two weeks written notice before the next month starts.

Yes, if you pay off the outstanding amount owing until the end of the contract

You can avoid the invoice fee by setting payments as automatic, to be debited either from a credit card or a personal account.

Unfortunately, at this point we do not email our invoices.

The TV Plus receiver has a 12 months warranty and the remote is covered for 3 months.

The customer has to send the faulty item back at their own expense.

The faulty items can either be sent to GPO Box 4688, Melbourne VIC 3001 or dropped off at our Melbourne office (Level 1, Suite 1/517 Flinders Lane, Melbourne 3000) between 10am – 4pm.

Bills can be paid through AUS POST, Cheque, Money Order, Credit Card (MasterCard & Visa only), and Direct Debit. Please refer to our application form for more details.

If the TV Channels are not working it is the customer’s responsibility to contact the technical support at TV Plus. Otherwise, we are not aware whether the customer is experiencing any issues.

The package can be changed once every six months. The request must be sent in writing.

Once you are out of contract the receiver is your property.

The Smart Card is property of TV Plus. Therefore, once the contract is terminated it must be returned to TV Plus.

TV Guides can be found on the TV Plus website under the “TV Guides” tab.

Need Technical Support?

Team at TV PLUS actively tries to see support requests as an indication that something needs improvement or clarification in the services we provide. Please don’t hesitate to contact our office. Our aim is to prevent any problems from occurring and provide better support.

FAQ didn’t solve your problem?

The above list is designed to answer most FAQ about TV PLUS packages and services we provide. If you need further assistance, please contact our office. Call, email, or simply fill our online form and one of our experienced Customer Service Representatives will contact you shortly.

Arion Guides

Arion – Managing Favorite Channel Lists

Press the “MENU” button on your remote

Select “CHANNEL MANAGER” using the up and down arrows on your remote and press the “OK” button


Select “EDIT FAVORITE” using the up and down arrows on your remote and press the “OK” button


Select the channels that you would like to add to your favorite list, by using the up and down arrows on your remote and then press the “OK” button to add them to the list. You can add more than one.


When you are done, press the “EXIT” button.
Then press “OK” to save the list.
When the saving process FINISHES please press “EXIT” two more times.


Now press the “FAV” button on your remote (next to the number “0”).
Select the Favorite list group that you chose. In this case I chose “Fav1”.


Press the “OK” button on your remote, to see your favorite channel list.


Going back to the normal Channel List view

To go back to the normal channel list view. Press the “FAV” button on your remote and then press the “FAV” button again.
A new window will popup – please select “TV”. Then press “EXIT” twice.


UEC Guides

Please use the following guides to assist you in re-scanning your UEC set top box.

Contact an authorised installer to book a time suitable for you.
View the parameters and satellite position for viewers in Aus and NZ.
Have any issues? View our frequently asked questions.
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