TV Plus has launched its package of Greek TV channels featuring top rating channels from Greece and Cyprus 24 hours a day and completely uninterrupted. Our channel lineup      includes Alpha, one of the most popular channels in Greece. Alpha brings you news, chat, gossip, variety, drama and sports.  Mega Cosmos, Greece's number one channel, delivers the   best in Greek entertainment, its sitcoms, dramas, news, and movies are tops in rating. These two premiere channels are complimented by twelve top rating channels available in our Greek Package. 

To subscribe, please choose from the following options:

1. $248 Includes $65 for first month viewing, $49 connection fee, $ 125 for TV Plus MPEG4 receiver, and $9 courier fee. 

2. $343 Includes $65x3 months viewing, $49 connection fee, $ 90 for discounted TV Plus MPEG4 receiver, and $9 courier fee. 

3. $439 Includes $65x6 months viewing, $49 connection fee, FREE TV Plus MPEG4 receiver with free shipping. 

Monthly pricing thereafter is $65. TV Plus monthly subscription includes access to all TV Plus other statellite channels from Turkey, South America, and the Balkans. 

You can subscribe to TV Plus by calling 02 9119 9999 or 03 9998 3999.